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Monday, July 28, 2014

Hotel Belludi 37 Padova

This charming hotel is right in the historic centre of Padova

An ideal base for a stay in Padova is the area between the Basilica di Sant’Antonio and the city’s main square, Prato delle Valle.
The Hotel Belludi 37 is about halfway between these two sights in a converted palazzo in Via Beato Luca Belludi. It is in a perfect location for people wishing to explore the city on foot, with most of the ‘must see’ attractions within a short walk of the hotel.
Hotel Belludi 37
Despite its traditional façade, the Hotel Belludi 37 is very modern on the inside with a simple contemporary décor and modern furniture in all the guest rooms.
The reception desk just inside the entrance hallway is always manned by friendly, helpful staff and a staircase with ornate wrought iron balustrading leads up to the guest rooms and the breakfast room.
The hotel offers free wireless internet and the use of bicycles for getting around Padova. It is in an area well off for bars and restaurants but is close to tram and bus stops if you want to travel further afield.
Many guests have commented after their stay that the Hotel Belludi 37 feels more like a four star than a two star hotel.
Editor’s note: “Having experienced the friendly service I can well understand why so many of the guests return to Hotel Belludi 37 on their next visit to Padova.”
Why stay at Hotel Belludi 37 in Padova
The Hotel Belludi 37 provides modern, stylish accommodation right in the centre of Padova.
It is a short walk away from Basilica di Sant’Antonio and Prato delle Valle, two of Padova’s main attractions.
There are plenty of bars, restaurants and shops within easy reach of the hotel and it is close to a stop for the tram that goes to the railway station.
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What to see in Padova
Padova is one of the most important centres for religion and art in Italy and is home to the country’s second oldest university.
The enormous Basilica del Santo was built in the 13th century to preserve the mortal remains of Sant’Antonio, a Franciscan monk who became famous for his miracles. The magnificent church attracts pilgrims from all over the world and is rich with works of art by masters such as Titian and Tiepolo.
Padova has become acknowledged as the birthplace of modern art because it is home to the Scrovegni Chapel, the inside of which is covered with frescoes by Giotto, a genius who was the first to paint people with realistic facial expressions showing emotion.
At Bo, Padova’s university founded in 1222, you can still see the original lectern where Galileo held his lessons and the world’s first anatomy theatre where dissections were secretly carried out from 1594.
Visitors are also fascinated by the extensive range of food stalls and shops in the Piazza delle Erbe and the Piazza delle Frutta.
Hotel Belludi 37 is located in Via Beato Luca Belludi. The nearest tram stop is a short walk away in Prato delle Valle.
Restaurant recommendation:
Zairo in Prato delle Valle is close to the Hotel Belludi 37. The elegant restaurant is decorated with chandeliers, statues and frescoes, echoing the grandeur of the square.
Ristorante Zairo
When Zairo was renovated in 1988, the original architecture of an earlier church on the site was uncovered and this has been skilfully incorporated into the design of the restaurant along with a 17th century fresco that has been preserved.
The restaurant’s statues and wall decorations recall the Roman activities that would once have taken place within the elliptical space of Prato delle Valle, such as chariot races and theatre entertainment.
Zairo’s menu offers a wide choice of meat and fish dishes, some typical of the Veneto and some specialities from Puglia . There is also an extensive pizza list.
The restaurant, at 51 Prato delle Valle, close to the Basilica of Santa Giustina, is open from 12.00 to 14.30 and from 19.00 to 01.00. It is closed on Mondays.

Local specialities:
Cucina padovana (Padovan cooking) is similar to that of Venice but with a few traditions all of its own.
Look out for risotto ricco alla padovana which is served with duck and chicken and risotto with radicchio, a vegetable grown locally.
Popular pasta dishes include tortelli di zucca dolce (sweet pumpkin stuffed ravioli) and bigoli con ragu d’anatra (little strings of pasta with a duck sauce).
Various cuts of chicken and duck served with a variety of different sauces and vegetable accompaniments feature strongly among secondi piatti in most restaurants.  
Local wines:
Many good wines are produced in the area around Padova.
You will see Pinot Bianco and Soave among the white wines on menus.
If you like red wine you will be spoilt for choice as Merlot, Bardolino and Valpolicella are all produced in the Veneto .
And if you fancy something sparkling make sure you sample some light, refreshing Prosecco. Not far from the city is the so-called strada del Prosecco, the road between Valdobbiadene and Conegliano, which is lined with wineries producing Prosecco DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata), the stamp of quality given to the best Italian wines.
There are designer fashion shops in the centre of the city, fascinating food markets in Piazza della Frutta and Piazza delle Erbe and antiques and bric a brac on sale at the weekend markets held in Prato della Valle.
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